FAQ for Physicians

1. Are there any fees to search jobs or contact employers? Do I have to register?

No. NewEnglandDocs.com is completely free for physicians. No registration is required.

2. How do I apply for posted opportunities?

To apply for opportunities, you can contact employers directly using the contact information they provide in their ads. You can also use the ‘Apply Now’ button appearing at the top of most ads.  Using the ‘Apply Now’ button sends the employer a direct and confidential e-mail with any information you choose to provide.

3. I would like to upload my CV so that interested employers can contact me. Is this possible?

No, unfortunately this option is not available. The only organizations who will contact you through your use of NewEnglandDocs.com are the ones that you specifically express an interest in by sending them an inquiry or CV directly or through the website.

4. I saw an opportunity posted a couple of weeks ago, but it is no longer posted. Is there a way to access archived opportunities?

Unfortunately no, once a posting is deactivated by an employer, it is completed deleted and removed from the system. If you see a job you may be interested in but are not ready to apply, we recommend printing the listing for safekeeping, just in case.

5. I would like to be notified when new opportunities are posted in my specialty, state, etc. Can this be done?

Absolutely! Sign up for our e-mail alerts and receive notifications instantly, daily or weekly. 


FAQ for Employers

1. Are there any fees to post jobs?

No. NewEnglandDocs.com is completely free for all organizations to post jobs. You are welcome to post as many jobs as you wish.

2. How long do jobs remain posted?

All opportunities remain posted for 60 days, unless you choose to deactivate them sooner.

3. Do I have to register to post jobs?

No registration is required. To advertise your opportunities, you can simply use the Post a New Opportunity form on the website. Please note: When you submit your first job, your e-mail address will be manually verified to ensure you are representing a real organization and opportunity, but no additional information is generally required. Once your e-mail address has been validated and approved, all jobs you submit using this e-mail address in the future will be posted instantly.

4. I posted my job, but now need to edit or deactivate it. Can I do so?

Yes, you can edit and deactivate your jobs instantly at any time. When you submit a job, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail containing two links -- one to edit your listing, the other to deactivate it. These links will work for as long as your job is active (but not once it expires).

5. I deleted the confirmation e-mail, and now need to edit/deactivate my listing. What do I do?

Easy! Click here to have new edit and deactivate links sent to you via e-mail.

6. I would like to renew my ad. How do I do that?

As your ad is about to expire, you will be sent an e-mail asking if you would like to extend your ad for an additional 60 days (with a link to do so). Please note: If you take no action in response to this e-mail, your job will be automatically deleted and removed from the system at the end of the initial 60-day period.

7. OK, there must be a catch or hidden fee somewhere. How do you make money?

No, there are no catches or hidden fees! The revenues for NewEnglandDocs.com are earned through Featured Opportunities and a limited amount of non-employment advertising on the website. These enable us to pay for everything else and keep regular job listings completely free.

8. What is a Featured Opportunity?

Featured Opportunities are a way of highlighting individual jobs on the website. When an employer decides that they want their job to receive additional attention -- usually for a high priority or more difficult search -- they can make their job a Featured Opportunity by selecting this option on the posting form when submitting the job.

9. What are the benefits of Featured Opportunities? How much do they cost?

Featured Opportunities appear at the top of all listings for all pertinent searches (targeting the same specialty, specialty and state, etc.). In addition, each Featured Opportunity is posted on the Facebook page for NewEnglandDocs.com and sent out via Twitter (with links to the full posting) for maximum outreach.

Featured Opportunities cost $100 per ad, and are payable by invoice. Discount posting packages are also available. Click here for details.